Friday, October 19, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

Thank you to Jen for hosting this week's quick takes!

Has anyone been watching Nick Mom?  I haven't, but I've seen the commercials.  Apparently, they are turning all the Nick channels into stand up mom comedy after 10pm (which is 7pm for those of us on the West coast). 
I've caught Mike watching Nick Mom twice. 
Next topic.
Since most of us are Catholic, can we all take a moment to discuss when our little ones do weird/unexplained religious stuff?  For example, our son, Griffin, can't sit still during mass and rarely prays (sometimes says "Amen" & tries to make the sign of the cross if we're all saying grace, for example)...because he's only 2!   
However, out of the blue, he has started pointing to the crucifix that I wear around my neck and saying, "God."  Weird, right?  We did not teach him that.
Tonight, we got some free Christmas cards and stickers in the mail from a charity asking for donations.  Of course, the kids went crazy when they saw the stickers, so I let them each pick one out.  When I showed the stickers to Griffin, I pointed to one of Mary holding a baby Jesus, and asked, "Who's that?"  As clear as day, he said, "God."  He didn't say "baby" or "baby Paul" (our youngest) like I expected him to.  How does he know that?!?!  I'm half proud & half freaked out.  Has anything like that ever happened with your kids?

I introduced my kids to "U Can't Touch This."  It's like I'm in middle school all over again.  Dance parties every day.
A girlfriend & I recently blew each other's minds with some simple but life changing additions to our daily routine. 
My girlfriend suggested drinking coffee while in the shower.  Why wait til you get out?  I'm not sure how this would work in everyone's shower, but mine has the perfect cutout on the wall (meant for shampoo, etc.), in which a coffee cup fits perfectly.  I will admit I feel a little bit like Kramer though.  
My suggestion was wine (or whatever your drink of choice) & some upbeat music in the laundry room.  It is like heaven!  Folding clothes has never been so much fun!  Where's mom?  Doing the laundry.  Try it; you'll like it.
Dancing to "U Can't Touch This."  I kind of miss seeing people in those pants.


This super cute guy wants my attention, so I gots to go...


Have a great weekend!

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  1. Kramer most certainly would have had coffee in the shower:)

  2. Must. Try. Number. 4. (well, maybe with hot chocolate, cuz that's my drug of choice...)

  3. I just youtubed "Can't Touch This" this week. Took me right back!

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