Thursday, October 25, 2012

Please excuse the mess...

I really hope this is true.
A friend of mine posted an image like the one above on Facebook a few months ago.  I'm not sure if I totally agree with the sign.  After all, I'm sure moms with clean floors, clean kitchens, laundry put away, clean ovens, and happy kids are good moms too.  I think the most important factor is the happy kids part. 
I guess the key for us as moms is the ability to prioritize when faced with multiple "to dos" each day.
Yesterday, my very sweet neighbor came over unexpectedly to use our copier.  I just about died when I realized she would need to come inside.
Our entrance way was scattered with shoes, socks, and sweatshirts.  You know I was saying a prayer of thanksgiving that there weren't any dirty diapers in there, "Welcome to our home.  I hope you like the smell of poop."
The floors hadn't been swept, mopped, or vacuumed in 4 days, which is a lot since I have a dog who sheds and three kids who tend to spill drinks & leave trails of crumbs throughout the house despite my constant nagging/yelling, "Eat at the table!"
Our dining room table was covered with coloring books, drawing paper, workbooks, pencils, and crayons.  I guess I should start calling the dining room, our art/schoolwork room now since that is its main purpose.
The kitchen table still had our plates from lunch & the kitchen counters were covered with mail, school papers, and empty glasses.  I had been busy with the boys all day & hadn't had a chance to empty the dishwasher yet.  Oh, and how could I forget the vase with dying flowers?  Always a nice touch.
The bed in our office/guest room was strewn with Halloween costumes, bills, and throw blankets.
I made her copies while we chit chatted & she made goo goo faces at Paul.  I asked her to please excuse the mess, and she said it was fine.  I hope she understood.
I will be honest.  When she left, I felt a little embarrassed, but I also felt relieved.  As messy as the house was, it could have been worse.  There could have been stinky diapers by the front door when she walked in.  I could have had a naked 2-year-old running around.  The baby could have been covered in dog hair from crawling on the messy floors.  But overall, the house was pretty typical for a family with young kids.
You know my 2-year-old loves to take all the shoes out of the shoe basket.
My dog sheds every day.
My kids color EVERY DAY.
Dishes get used.  Families make messes.
Kids try on Halloween costumes & dance around the house.
It happens.  That's life.
I would love, love, love to be one of those moms with happy kids and a clean house someday, but today it's just not going to happen.  Maybe tomorrow, maybe next year, maybe when the kids are in college, but until then, I'm cool with my house and family just the way it is.  Priorities.

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  1. I love your take on this. The most important thing is your family, in the end nothing else really matters.

    I read the FLYLady book forever ago (Google her) and it has really changed my life. I don't follow what she says exactly but I've learned how to just do a little bit and have it make a huge difference. Our house is semi-clean and it works... for now.