Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Awesomely Bad Family Photos

Have you ever checked out Awkward Family Photos?  No?  Go ahead, I'll wait...

My favorite photos on there are the old Olan Mills style photos of entire families in the 1970s or 80s.  The clothes are dated.  One kid might have a goofy look on his face.  The mom might be bug eyed.  I love it!  Our family used to have one of those photos.  It was awful.  My mom kept it in the closet.  Let me repeat...the closet.  I remember I always used to drag it out and ask her to hang it up.  Someone always protested.  The photo was that bad.  But it was awesome.  It was awesomely bad.

It makes me wonder, in the era of digital photography, if our family will ever have a photo that notoriously bad.

our best awkward family photo to date

We live outside San Francisco now, and Christmas is approaching.  Naturally, I'm trying to capture a decent photo of the five of us for our cards.  I'd love it even more if it was in front of a San Francisco landmark like...the Golden Gate Bridge.

Mike's mom came to visit recently, so we tried to get the perfect photo.  Between the wind blowing our hair in front of our faces, a 2 year old who just wanted to play, and trying to get everyone to look at the camera, it didn't go well.

Here are some of our outtakes.  Enjoy.


  1. You're daring to even attempt it! I am so bad and usually give up after one or two shots. And there are only FOUR of us!

  2. Mike HATES posing for family photos; he was very annoyed with me on this day.

    There is one couple shot of the two of us where I said, "Say annulment!" sarcastically right before his mom took the photo. No one thought it was funny except me. Oh well.

    Looking back at these outtakes, I think I like them better than the "good" ones...because they make me laugh.

  3. The last one is my fave with your husband doing what looks like tree pose and your forehead making an appearance. Awesome.

    One year we did a card with all the outtakes. It was perfect, well at least it made us laugh...

    1. Mike doing tree pose...hahahaha!

      Mike REALLY wants to do a card with only bad photos. I think our friends would love it, but I fear all the elderlies (sp?) on our list would be disappointed. We'll see...

      My fav is the third one from the top because not only are both boys looking away and my hair is covering my face, but we are MISSING A KID. My MIL totally cut our daughter out of the photo.

  4. This may be the funniest and most relatable post I've read in awhile! My hubs is about as fond of photo ops as yours. I love Momma Miles's idea of doing an outtakes card. Although we have more than enough to create a yearly album...maybe I'll do just that.


    p.s. I love how our similar our families are with the girl-boy-boy theme, too :)