Friday, January 11, 2013

Seven Quick Takes-- video of the boys crying, a bacon t-shirt, and how to make poop on Facebook

Linking up with Jen for another of Seven Quick Takes.

I'm sure you're sick of hearing about it, but we're still a little sick over here.  I took Paul to the pediatrician yesterday because he would not stop crying, and because people actually started commenting on it.
While picking up Maura from school--
other mom: "What's wrong? (indicating Paul's crying)  Is he tired?"
me: "No, he's getting over a cold, and he's just been super fussy.  He starts crying any time I'm more than 3 feet away from him."
other mom: "He needs to toughen up."
Thank you for your random comments.  Thanks so much.
I was afraid Paul might have an ear infection or something.  Nope.  Just 3 giant molars breaking through & croup (poor baby), so...I will probably never sleep again...because it's all about me, right?  If you're looking for someone to nominate for the Selfish Mom Awards, you know who to call.

In an effort to get the kids out in the fresh air, I've been taking them for walks in the morning.  Usually, they go like this.

Morning walk from Kate on Vimeo.
Since our walks kept ending in tears, and they need fresh air, and I need to get outside (before I go crazy), I have continued the walks (despite the crying) and have turned them into interval jogs.  If the babies start crying, I start running and somehow the shock of my quick geriatric pace lulls their screaming.
Here's photographic evidence that they were happy when we returned home yesterday--
Pick me a winner, Grif.
I was not as lucky today.
"Stop making me wear this monkey hat, Mom.  It's degrading."

Did anyone else watch Black Swan?  Mike & I watched it recently, and it was the only movie in the 16 years we have been together that I ever suspected he was scared. 
He just kept things like,
"I don't know if I can keep watching this." 
"I mean...really?"
"Do you want me to turn this off?"
"No?  Really?"
This is proof, in my humble opinion, that there is nothing scarier to a man than a crazy woman.  Seriously.
Fatal Attraction?
Alanis Morrisette?
Terrifying to men.
In lighter news, I know what I'm getting Mike for Father's Day...

...and Dwija taught me how to make poop on Facebook.  I still can't get the robot to work though.  Ugh.

try it.  you'll like it.

Have a great weekend everybody.  For more Quick Takes, click here.


  1. I feel for you. We have lots of crying and sickness here. The walk today was quiet and I loved it. :) Hope you have better days soon.

  2. #1: I freaking *love* when people decide to give me random advice about Daniel. I swear that one of these days, I'm going to make a t-shirt that says the following:

    Yes, he's autistic.
    Yes, we vaccinated him.
    No, he's not on a gluten-free diet.
    Unless you're an autism parent, kindly STFU.

    Somehow I'm not sure my husband's parishioners would approve...