Friday, August 17, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
I'm totally slacking with this blog again, but I'm happy to say I am writing. I have been working on something privately, and I think it's pretty good so far. I'm not sure if it's a multi series blog post or if it's a book in the works. Too early to tell. Anywho, I'm excited to be writing again. Also, I came up with a fiction book idea. What about a Catholic superhero book? Not sure if that sounds silly. I LOVE Catholicism & I LOVE science fiction. For me, it would be the blending of two worlds. I think it would work & maybe fit a niche for young adult Catholic literature. Who knows? I'd love to hear your comments. Drop me a line.
--- 2 ---
My dishwasher is broken. Ugh. I keep pressing the buttons over & over again, but alas, it won't work. Boo. This means I will be hand washing dishes after this blog post. I plan to bribe Miss Never Stops Talking to help me.
--- 3 ---
I had a bad experience with a new pediatrician for Miss Never Stops Talking this week. It was horrible really. The new doctor was incredibly condescending during our entire visit. I will briefly list the comments/insinuations that made my blood boil. The doctor hinted that my daughter was fat, stupid, watched too much TV, and was appalled that I didn't know that our water didn't have flouride (just moved last month). Then, she lied to my daughter & said she wasn't getting any shots. Miss Never Stops Talking grinned from ear to ear at hearing this while I tried to convince her the doctor must have made a mistake because I knew she needed a TB test for Kindergarten. Miss NST blocked out everything I was saying until the nurse walked in with the needle. Then my daughter FREAKED OUT. Needless to say, we will not be going back there.
--- 4 ---
I'm eating dark chocolate chips while I type this because I'm healthy. You're jealous, admit it.
--- 5 ---
I'm sad to report that I've only been back on Facebook for about 2 months now, and I'm over it again. I think I'll keep my account open because it's something to do when I'm bored, and it's a good way to reconnect with old friends. Truthfully, though, I'm having more fun talking to my real friends via the phone (so old fashioned, I know), and making Internet friends through Twitter and blogging. I can't believe how many awesome Catholics are out there on the Internet. So many cool blogs.
--- 6 ---
Soooo...I have a few reservations about posting this blog post link, but I think you really need to read it. A Catholic friend of mine posted it on Facebook, and when I read the title, I thought, that's just cruel.I mean, we can't protect our children from everything, right? Then, I read the article and thought, Dang, I think this lady is right. If I may, here is the quote that really got me, "A teenager opens her heart to someone who says, 'I love you…until I don’t.' And when it does end, her heart is wounded. She’ll open it again, most likely, when the next guy comes along, but certainly not as fully as she did that first time. And with each breakup, her ability to trust and believe she deserves unconditional love will be eroded. Then one day she’ll meet the person God intended for her all along. And then that man, who deserves full access to his wife’s heart, must instead spend years if not decades taking down the wall around his beloved’s heart, brick by brick." Wow. The writer is totally right. I can think of some girlfriends who were emotionally damaged by the intense sexuual and romantic realtionships they had with men who said they loved them only to use my girlfriends and leave them in the dust. Indeed, these same girlfriends did have trouble in future relationships because of the emotional wounds created by previous boyfriends. I have to say I wholeheartedly agree with the writer's arguement, yet I don't think I have the courage of conviction to enforce this rule with our children. I would feel terrible, thinking I was denying them some sort of rite of passage as a teenager. I started dating at 14 years old, and I turned okay, right? I would be lying though if I didn't admit that I have often wondered how I turned out differently than some of my other friends. Yikes. This is a tough one. Great article. Great discussion piece. Enjoy.
--- 7 ---
I hate to admit this, but I'm having some medical issues that I don't care to go into. I'd love some prayers though. I need them. If you don't mind, could you say a quick prayer for me? Much appreciated!!! Have a great weekend everybody!
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