Friday, August 10, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
It has been exactly 1 month since I last wrote a blog post, and I'm sorry. I promised myself that I wouldn't neglect this blog while I was moving, and I did. I could not help it! Life happened. So, I'm going to join the talented Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary (and all the other mommy bloggers I follow) in Seven Quick Takes to let you know everything that happened while I was away.
--- 2 ---
The movers boxed up everything we owned but couldn't fit it all on one truck. They promised us the second load of our stuff would be shipped two days later. They asked what we wanted on the first truck. We stated the obvious-- beds, bedding, pots & pans, food, a table, a couch. Guess what? The movers lied. Our belongings did not come 2 days later. The second load of stuff didn't come for an additional 3 weeks. Here's what I was missing that I really needed-- bedding (even though we asked that it be packed on the first truck), my double stroller (going any where with a nonwalker & a runner is HORRIBLE without one), a vacuum (imagine what my floors looked like after 3 weeks with 2 adults, 3 kids, and a dog--YUCK!), a computer, a television (baby crack would have been especially helpful while trying to unpack), the clothes & luggage needed for a wedding 2 weeks after we moved (1 week before the clothes arrived), clothes for both Mr. Loudest Kid Ever & Baby P (that's right folks, my two boys wore the same 4 outfits that I packed for our drive to CA-- LOTS OF LAUNDRY).
--- 3 ---
Baby P got a black eye from rolling off the bed. I still can't talk about it. Too horrible.
--- 4 ---
We drove 10 hours from NV to northern CA & survived!!! The kids were great! We celebrated my father-in-law's birthday at a local, kid-friendly brew pub (lots of families). Mr. Loudest Kid Ever fit right in!
--- 5 ---
I discovered that a few things needed to be fixed in the new house-- like the black water in the bath tub.
--- 6 ---
I flew to NY to see my best friend from childhood get married... the beautiful church she grew up attending & made her sacraments in. Catholic LOVE!!! It was great seeing my family and old friends from high school.
--- 7 ---
A lot more has happened too, so hopefully I'll get back to writing soon. Heading to the circus tomorrow. I hope the boys can handle it (without screaming & crying). Have a great weekend!
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