Monday, August 27, 2012

If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness. It will change your life mightily. ~Gerald Good

Today is Miss Never Stops Talking's first full day of school, so I need to make the most of it and clean this house. If I don't, I fear my husband will never forgive me.

Before I get started with my glamorous day of cleaning, laundry, and little boy child rearing, I'd like to take a moment to say thanks to all of my internet peeps. On Friday, I linked up with Jen Fulwiller's Seven Quick Takes and asked for some advice from my readers on how to improve my blog. Thank you to everyone who responded. I know it takes time to comment. Thank you; thank you.

Based on the comments I received, readers said they would like to hear more about my life and more specifically my faith journey. Thank you for giving me a starting point. I can't wait to start working on that story.

Also, I'd like to say thanks to all of the great Catholic bloggers out there. There are so many people that I read on a regular basis who are inspiring and make me feel better about my own struggles.

Over the weekend, I discovered Steve Gershom's blog. His writing takes my breath away because he describes some of my struggles in a far more talented and articulate manner than I ever could. I especially enjoyed his post "Masks."   I'm not sure if I should publicly admit that I have been there,  "to the point of neurosis" (well, maybe not neurosis, but I made myself unhappy)-- trying to strip myself of everything to find my authentic self, but I have.  I love this line, "I thought that if I just cut off all the artificial parts, the Real Me (which must be buried underneath) would emerge. I was trying to cast off every mask, but the more I held still to let my own face surface, the less it felt like I had a face at all."  Been there.  Done that.  I'm so relieved to hear that he didn't have a eureka moment either.  Live and learn.  Go check out Steve's blog for more geat writing.

Also, I was relieved to read Ana's funny and totally relatable post about struggling through mass with little kids.  I found her post in Google reader right when I returned from mass.  Perfect timing, right?  I have often said to friends (who am I kidding?  More like anyone who will listen) that mass with little kids has to be one of the circles of Hell.  I can't believe Dante overlooked that one.  I'm guessing he never set foot in a cry room.  His loss.

So, thanks internet peeps.  I'll work on that journey of faith post for you, but right now, I need to change some diapers.


  1. Stopping by for the first time from some other blogs...I love what you have to share! Looking forward to more:)
    And thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing that story about mass with kids! We recently moved to across the country from a little parish with a priest who would literally stop mass to say "let the children make their joyful noise! Jesus said 'let the children come to him!'" With three under 4 it was great. But two Sundays ago at our new parish which doesn't have a cry room or nursery, the priest thanked me TWICE for taking our screaming almost-one-year-old out during the sermon because it 'helped him keep his focus.' I never thought a comment like that would affect me, but I had to go to the bathroom and cry. I only told my husband, who said he was tempted to find a new parish. I thought the same thing, except I just started volunteering for the teen program and would hate to leave them stranded. We both dreaded going back this past week, but we had a substitute priest so I couldn't talk to our usual pastor as I'd planned to. I wondered if I was overreacting, but it really is hellatious to get through mass with our little ones, and I want our priest to understand that we want to raise the next generation of little saints instead of spending all of mass in the hallway letting them think it's playtime, and without a nursery or cry room we have very few options. Just not sure how to go about a charitable conversation...

    Whew, sorry didn't mean to vent. Just happy to know others out there understand! Hope school is going well for you and can't wait to hear more about your own journey!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Megan! I totally hear you on the church thing. We were once very strongly encouraged by an usher to go to the cry room before mass even started. The usher actually argued with us & gave the dramatic sigh & eye roll when we refused to leave. Like I said, mass hadn't started yet. The kids weren't misbehaving. Ugh.

      I agree with your desire "to raise the next generation of little saints." We feel the same way, and we're trying our best each week, like you.

      Good luck with your talk with your priest, if you decide to talk to him about it. Let me know how it goes.

      I hope your move went well. We move A LOT. I know how tough if can be with little kids. Hope you're all adjusting. God bless!