Sunday, December 9, 2012

What I Wore Sunday-- Volume 6

Linking up again with everyone in their Sunday best at Fine Linen and Purple.

I had to take the kids (ages 5, 2, &1) to church BY MYSELF this weekend TWICE.  I can't believe I survived.

Yesterday, the kids were very well behaved & well rewarded after mass with some yummy pancakes.  Today, their behavior almost resulted in a Mommy reward (like a stop at the liquor store), but I kept my cool (mostly), drank some coffee, and I'm finally feeling better.

I wish, wish, wish my husband had been with me this weekend because our church has the most beautiful display I have ever seen honoring Our Lady.  There is a HUGE Our Lady of Guadalupe print hanging, and it is surrounded by roses (floor to ceiling).  As we approached the altar yesterday (and came closer to the display honoring Our Lady), my two older kids and I were just speechless at how beautiful the display was.  It's that beautiful, and I promise to go back to church and snap some pictures of it to post later this week.  Stunning.

Onto my outfit.  I am attempting to winterize a summer dress by pairing it with tights, boots, and a cardigan.  It's getting chilly here.

You won't get any head on shots of me this week.  I'm not trying to be artsy.  My face is totally broken out, and I don't want any reminders of what my skin looked like this week.  Ugh.

The details:
sweater: Target
dress: Goodwill
boots: Nordstrom

Now go check out everyone else's outfits at Fine Linen and Purple!


  1. All around, great outfit. Love the sheer black tights too.

  2. I love the sheer tights w/ the brown boots. :-)

  3. So cute! I am so going to copy the idea of winterizing a summer dress!

  4. Please tell me you got a picture of the display!!! PS-love your outfit and laughing about the fact you won't show your face!!

  5. Success on winterizing! Bravo. Can't wait to see pics of the display!!

  6. Ahh I am loving the color combo!!

  7. I am in LOOOOOOOOOOOVE with that sweater. Oh I am just an absolute cardi fiend. If I could wear them in July I would!

  8. You're gorgeous! I love the combo!