Thursday, December 6, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

Joining Jen for another round of Seven Quick Takes.

I planned on doing a post about Advent this week but never got around to it.  We've been having a lot of fun.  Our oldest is 5-years-old, and she is VERY excited about Christmas.  We set up our Christmas houses, nativity set, Advent calendar, and Santa countdown so far. 
Our Advent calendar is pretty cool for the kiddos.  Each day, the kids open a door to reveal a piece to a magnetic nativity scene.
 The kids love it, and I think it's sweet that Griffin's godmother is the one who bought the calendar for the kids.
I cannot take credit for this next idea at all, but boy, oh boy, is it a great one for the littles.  Maura attends Kindergarten at our parish Catholic school, and I was thrilled when she came home last week with a homemade Advent calendar.  Yowza.  Here's a picture.
 Each day reveals an age appropriate service task to complete, and Maura is just as excited about learning what she needs to do each day as she is about discovering a new piece to the magnetic nativity and finding Bam Bam, our family's Elf on the Shelf.


Then, this week I read a guest post by Leanne of Life Happens When on A Knotted Life.  Leanne did a very similar craft (a paper link chain) with each link marked with an act of service with her 4-year-old son.  Leanne even generously lists a month's worth of age appropriate service ideas.  I'm bookmarking her post for next year.


We are an Elf on the Shelf family, and both Maura and Griffin having been having a lot of fun finding our elf each morning.  Maura & Bam Bam (our elf) have even been exchanging notes, which Maura loves.

Why, yes, Bam Bam is straddling our dusty chandelier.  I've been busy, okay?  And we're running out of hiding spots.


We haven't bought our tree yet.  Nor have we put up our lights.  But our neighbors across the street did.
I thought we left the bright lights of Las Vegas for a quiet suburb, but I guess I was wrong.

Let me tell you a few things about this light display.  Yes, that is a light up nativity scene.  I am totally jealous.  I've been looking for the old school, glowing lawn nativity for a few years now, but they are pricey. 
You should also know that the lights on the upstairs bedroom windows FLASH on and off ALL NIGHT LONG.
You should also know this is one of those houses that plays Christmas music outside ALL NIGHT LONG too.

Last night, Mike woke up with genuine concern about the flashing lights in our bedroom.  I had to remind him that it was only our neighbors' lights (that they never turn off).  Our bedroom is kind of like when Kramer lived across the street from the glowing Kenny Rogers Chicken sign.

I suppose it could be worse.  We could live across the street from this guy.
Even Our Lady has been admiring the lights of part of a Christmas village in our daughter's room.

You should check out Cari's post about this too.

Now, go read everyone else's Quick Takes.  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. #6: The "Gangam Style" house could trigger epileptic seizures. I also don't even want to imagine what the electric bill is like for houses like that one and your neighbors'.

    1. Ha! I was thinking about captioning the Gangnam Style video with something like, Caution, may cause seizures.

      Our neighbor's house is the first house I've ever seen in real life with music. Otherwise, I've only seen them on YouTube. They went all out on Halloween too.

  2. I've seen tons of houses crazy. I always watch the Crazy Christmas Lights show on TLC or HGTV every year. I've always wanted to have a crazy awesome display but never have. We currently live in a condo complex full of scrooges and grinches. We're not allowed to put any lights in the windows except battery operated LAME! I wonder what happens if they can see your xmas tree through the windows haha

    My cat likes to sit in front of baby jesus' empty crib. I think he thinks he's part of the action.

  3. I LOVE your Advent calendars - both of them!

    I would maybe put up a sign in my yard that said something like, "We don't have lights, but our neighbors do!"

  4. I really like those Advent calendars. I'll have to keep the second idea in mind for when we have children.

  5. I love your Advent Calendar! My sister has one just like it and it is so perfect! I wish I knew where to buy one!

    And I LOVE your daughter's Advent Calendar. What an awesome idea! Thanks for the mentions on mine! :)

    We are not an elf family, yet, but that's mostly because I am too forgetful and lazy. Plus, my 4 year old is oblivious and hasn't asked about it. I think when he finally learns about it, I'll succumb!!

  6. I really love your Advent calendar AND your daughter's! I'm inspired to do one like that for my kiddos next year.

  7. Haha, well then, be glad you aren't our neighbors! My dad started putting up lights the first weekend of November! The show didn't go on until Thanksgiving, but he has it synchronized to six different songs! However, the lights turn off at 11 and people have to tune their radio stations to a certain station to hear the music so it isn't blasting for our lovely neighbors!

    Your daughter's Advent Calendar is AWESOME!