Sunday, November 25, 2012

What I Wore Sunday-- Volume 4

I'm linking up again with the ladies at Fine Linen and Purple for their What I Wore Sunday series.

Old workwear.  Ugh.  We all have it, and I will readily admit that I have no idea how to wear it now that I'm no longer teaching.

Looking to the side to avoid the dreaded glasses glare.
These black pants are actually really nice.  They are part of the only suit I own that I bought from Banana Republic about 6-7 years ago.  So why don't I wear these pants more often?  The suit they are from is my job interview/winter funeral suit, which means every time I wear these pants, I think, these are the pants I wore to the interview for that job I didn't get, or I think, these are the pants we buried Aunt Martha in.

Additionally, I have no idea how to wear black work trousers without looking like I'm going to work, which is why I left my shirt untucked (but now I see that it just looks sloppy). I have Googled "what to wear with black trousers" and the only decent post I found was this one from Ain't No Mom Jeans.  I need more ideas, so leave me suggestions.

The shirt I'm wearing is pretty awesome though, and I'm sad it doesn't look awesome here.  It's a light grey flannel shirt from J.Crew that I bought a few years ago.  It's one of their "perfect shirts."  I love, love, love this shirt.  It looks great with yoga pants & ballet flats.  It looks great with jeans.  It's warm but thin, and it's perfect for layering.  I usually pair it with a red scarf for a pop color, but I chose to wear my former workwear/bridesmaid pearls in lieu of the red scarf because I wore a red jacket instead.

Sadly, now that I see myself photographed in this red jacket, black trousers, and glasses, I'm positive that I look eerily similar to Sarah Palin.
So since my outfit was a fail, let's look at a better one.  Here's what my daughter wore today.
The details:
sweater: GAP Kids (gift)
leggings: GAP Kids
sparkly shoes: Target
Now go check out better outfits at Fine Linen and Purple.


  1. I like to blend more casual shirts with dressier pants like pants from a suit. Not really t-shirts, but casual blouses. The pants lend a tailored feel to shirts that look less tailored, if you get my drift... particularly like cowl-necks, etc. Basically, most of the shirts I have worn with my WIWS posts are things I would wear with suit pants, if that helps! I do think the button up shirt looks great, but I think that is what is making you feel like you are going to work.

  2. I would say that an open toe will always dress down trousers. Also, I think a nice crew or v-neck sweater (printed or solid) with a scarf would make it look a little more casual and less professional, but still pulled together.

    I for one, am not against leaving a blouse untucked. Go for it!

  3. I agree with the untucked look, in fact this is a look I would and DO wear, so we fail together? Or perhaps unbutton with a tank under OR layer with a light sweater/cardi......I say NO fail.

    Little Miss cuteness....what IS the magic age that WE stopped wearing funzie sparkle dresses on a regular Ordinary time Sunday Mass? B/c I'd like to change that!!!

  4. You rock the "old work wear." The blouse and trousers look classic.

  5. Hahaha... I love the Palin comparison. That was awesome! You can never wrong with scarves and layering when it comes to dress pants. Or a simple sweater with a statement necklace.

  6. I love Sarah Palin (as a person not a politician) so I'm loving the Palin-channeling.

    That shirt is awesome! No problem with leaving it untucked - but maybe different pants? Actually, I'd pair it with a skirt and maybe throw a sweater vest over it, but that's my style. Maybe put it over a skirt and belt it would work more for you?

    I agree with Jess - go with comfy cute sweaters to dress down the pants. Also try maybe scarves or a statement necklace to send a "this is not a work outfit!" message.

    I still think it's a cute outfit though!!

  7. I wear button up shirts untucked with black slacks too! Sometimes I put a bright color wife-beater/cami underneath and then unbutton the shirt a bit more for some added color. I love the pearls, super classy ;-) And I totally understand what you are saying about certain items of clothing reminding you of certain other events, I have a few dresses that I feel the same way about, so I almost never wear them. I still say you look awesome (even if you do look like Sarah Palin, you look better than her!)!