Friday, November 23, 2012


I'm linking up with the always entertaining Grace Patton today for What I Wore to Thanksgiving Dinner.

So, did you have a good Turkey Day? Did you? Did you?

Ours was fun. For the first time in 5 years, we celebrated with family-- yes!

In case you don't know, my husband has one of those fun corporate jobs that requires us to move every few years which means we're always in the process of making new friends (& then leaving them) & are never near family. But... with our latest move to the San Francisco area, we found ourselves close to my cousin! Yes!

So, my cousin & his girlfriend came over for dinner which meant our house was 4/7ths redheads (or 57% redhead, for those of you who prefer percentages) which is both awesome and a statistical anomaly. Why didn't I take a photo of all of us in our redheaded glory? I don't know. I guess I was too busy stuffing my face with the Pioneer Woman's mashed potatoes & drinking too much wine.

Our guests were most gracious. They didn't mind putting together the kids' dinosaur puzzle a million times, nor were they bothered by Griffin's announcement of "DOODY!" (or is it spelled "DOOTY!") during dinner.  Or Griffin lovingly using my shirt as a tissue after dinner (TO THEIR HORROR, "What are you wiping on your mommy's shirt?!?!"). Nor were they offended by Grif feeding the delicious Ghiradelli chocolates they brought for dessert to our dog. And my cousin didn't seem phased at all by Maura using him as a human jungle gym. Good times.

Because they were such good sports, we treated them to a special viewing of Elmo's Potty Time before we put the kids to bed. I am sure we scarred them for life, or at the very least, convinced them never to have children. 

So, let's get the What I Wore party started--

Here I am with my daughter in matching outfits. Yes, I know matching outfits are lame, but I love them. & Maura thinks they are fun. So, who cares? 

The details:
ruffled t--shirt: J.Crew (same as a few weeks ago)
denim skirt: Old Navy
boots: Nordstrom (same as last week)
ruffled t-shirt: GAP kids (via E-Bay)
pleated denim skirt: GAP kids
tights: Janie & Jack (hand me downs)
glitter shoes: Kohl's (don't tell anyone they aren't Toms)
Here I am in one of my aprons. I am a big fan of aprons. And I highly suggest you buy one if you haven't already.  This one is from Target, but you can find even cuter ones on sites like Shabby Apple or etsy.  I am obsessed, and yes, before you ask, Maura and I have matching aprons too.  Don't hate.

Here's Mike in his man apron-- mapron? He's getting ready to cut the cheese. Yes, I just went there.

I told him to make a funny face, and this is what he went with.  I don't know.
And here's our signature family dish (required at every Thanksgiving). Curried Cauliflower. It smells kind of icky & looks neon, but we loooove it. And the best part was when my cousin saw that I made it, he said, "This dish reminds me of your mom," and then helped himself to one two three helpings of the cheesy, creamy, curry deliciousness of curried cauliflower. It's an acquired taste, but we love it.

Here's the post Thanksgiving text I sent my cousin this morning.  Do you think he'll ever hang out with us again?  Fingers crossed.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  Leave me a comment, so we can be e-friends.  Chances are our brood will be moving to a city near you! 
And thanks again to Grace for hosting this link up.  Great idea.


  1. you two girls are so cute! I'm a fellow apron-loved and yours is so stinkin' adorable! Loving the mapron as well :)

  2. Love the aprons, cute AND practical!! and the matchy, matchy is super adorb!